· VAT 12% of the charter fee (*Important note: V.A.T of 12% is included in the charter rate. Any changes in V.A.T laws will be paid extra by the charterer with the balance payment).
 · Use of the boat and her equipment
· Dinghy with outboard engine
· Assistance from our staff 24 hours help line
· Yachts marine insurance
· End cleaning
· Food Provisioning
· Fuel & Water consumption
· Outboard gasoline (except first fill)
· Internet Wi-fi router 100 GB, /week up to 10 users, EURO 50€ /week
· Mooring fees except for the first and last night in home port
· Crew change fees (only in one of our bases). Included: Formalities (contract, crew list etc), 1 day mooring fees). Not included: Cleaning of the yacht and laundry.
· Charter pack (first and last night mooring fees, cooking gas, first fill of outboard gasoline, linen, towels & blankets – one set/cabin/week, welcome starter pack)
Optional Extras (upon request)
· Skipper : EURO 190€ per day, plus provisioning
· Hostess : EURO 175€ per day, plus provisioning
· Cook: EURO 200€ per day, plus provisioning (The crew must have their own cabin and shower/WC)
· Safety net installed, at EURO 100€ /charter
· Stand Up Paddle board EURO 100€ /week, 2 Stand Up Paddle boards 150€  /week.
· Canoe 120€  /week.
· Yamaha sea scooter 200€  /week.
· Pet on board : extra cleaning fee
· Provisions – can be pre-ordered without any extra service fee *Please request for our provisioning list form
· Transfers from/to airport can be arranged upon request
· Extra linen EURO 10€ /person
Sailing qualifications
According to the Greek law, the skipper must hold a valid sailing license in English language or translated in English. *Limitations such as daylight, inland waters and limitations in miles from shore e.g. 5NM in sailing licenses won’t be accepted from Greek Port Authorities so we advise all charterers to ensure that they have an international license of competence (ICC) without such limitations.
Cancellation policy
In the event of cancellation of the charter by the Charterer, for any reason, the following cancellation policy will apply and depending on the time-interval between the booking confirmation and the cancellation date:
• Cancellation fee of 30% of the total charter fee, for bookings cancelled within a period of more than 60 days prior to boat embarkation.
• Cancellation fee of 50% of the total charter fee, for bookings cancelled within a period of 60-30 days prior to boat embarkation.
• Cancellation fee of 100% of the total fee, for bookings cancelled in a period less than 30 days prior to boat embarkation
• In case that the yacht under cancellation is re-chartered to another charterer for the same period and under the same conditions, only the dossier expenses will be charged at EURO 300.

Check in/out times
Charter contract begins at 5 p.m. on the day of the charter and checkout is at 09:00 on the last day of the charter. *Please note the yacht should be returned to the base a day before the end of the charter contract, latest at 6p.m. for check-out procedure (refueling of boat, diver inspection, technical inspection). The amount of time required for check-in and check-out procedures is considered to be part of the charter period, and your actual presence is required.

All boats are insured against all risks arising from liability to third parties and damages to hull, machinery, sea pollution liability and the equipment with a deductible (excess), which corresponds to the agreed security damage deposit paid by the charterer.
Insurance deposit:
Lagoon 42 – 3000 € 
Lagoon 46 – 3500 € 

Way of payment
• A 50% of the total charter fee is
required as down payment, in order to book the boat.
• The remaining balance of 50% of the charter fee is payable four weeks (4) prior to embarkation, by bank transfer.

Damage waiver
Depending on the size of the boat the damage waiver varies such as: Non refundable security insurance of EURO 70 €  ( Lagoon 42) – 80 €  ( Lagoon 46) per day plus a refundable security deposit EURO 800 € ( Lagoon 42 ) – 900 € ( Lagoon 46 ) per charter.

Charterer’s responsibilities
Charterer: According to the terms of the contract signed by the charterer, we remind you that the charterer:
Assumes the legal and statutory obligations of the person responsible on board.
Certifies that he or she has the ability to sail and navigate the yacht.
Charterer is responsible to re-deliver the yacht at the end of the charter at the same condition as he received her without any total/loss. Charterer assumes full responsibility for all crew and materials into account, shall care for the yacht as his own and remain liable for
damages that he or the rest of the passengers may cause to the yacht, her equipment or inventory, but Skipper shall be responsible for all damages caused while sailing, motoring, anchoring, mooring and maneuvering the yacht on condition that such are attributed to his
own acts or omissions either willful or negligent.
In case there is any technical issue/claim during the cruise staff should be informed immediately and not at the end of the charter. In case we will be informed after the charter dates and client’s disembarkation Barchetta Yachts may not be able to accept any responsibility.
Should you wish to refresh your sailing and navigational abilities, we suggest you hire a skipper for a day or two. Please advise the office ahead of time to arrange this service.
Charterer acknowledges that he has requested from brokers Barchetta Yachts MCPY (Stakeholder) to locally assist him in finding and hiring a skipper and/or hostess and that neither Brokers nor the Owner of the yacht have any lability or other responsibility arising from the performance of skipper and Hostess services or under any provisions of this agreement
All food and drinks are on Charterer’s expense, including food and drinks for Skipper and Hostess which are to be provided by Charterer . Charterer shall provide the Skipper and Hostess with sleeping cabin/ berth and shower/ toilet use to be designated to them onboard.
Children have to be under the supervision of an adult or nanny of the charter party at all times and neither Skipper  nor Steward are intended to provide children supervision or nanny services . Any additional services provided by the hostess
should be agreed in advance.

Skipper’s and Hostess’ responsibilities
•The Skipper is responsible for  the navigation of the yacht, mooring, anchoring, maneuvering and for keeping the deck and cockpit of the yacht in good, clean and fully functional condition, also for managing the refilling of  water and fuel of the yacht and of the outboard engine and for processing port formalities, all on Charterer’s expense. Other tasks such as interior cleaning, cooking, etc. are not part of  Skipper’s obligations.
Hostess shall do the daily shopping and prepare and serve each day breakfast and a light meal (lunch or dinner). Provisions shall be made and meals will be prepared so as to meet  the preferences declared by the Charterer in advance, to the extent permitted by  local market availability of items, paying careful attention to all special nutritional needs and restrictions set by the Charterer (such as vegetarian restrictions, gluten tolerance, type of meat, wine picking, etc.). Hostess will assist skipper in all of his duties
under his instructions and shall take care of cleaning of communal areas of the yacht daily.
• The skipper is responsible for the yacht and no security deposit is required on skippered charters.
Skipper and  Hostess will make best effort to provide Charterer and his party with privacy aboard and perform their professional duties with discretion and professionalism. Skipper’s and Hostess fees will be delivered by Charterer, on spot, prior to embarkation, to Stakeholders charter base manager. Skipper a nd Hostess acknowledge that they are at all times responsible for the collection, withholding, remittance and payment of the applicable taxes due on the to tall amount of the service price to the relevant tax authorities and that that neither Brokers nor Owner of the yacht act as sellers of their services.
• The skipper assumes the technical control of the yacht as well as your safety. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your skipper please notify the office immediately. Something you must keep in mind is that you are on a yacht and personalities sometimes clash, all of our skippers are fluent in English, highly qualified in safety and sailing.
Skipper shall be responsible for all damages caused while sailing, motoring, anchoring, mooring and maneuvering the yacht on condition that such are attributed to his
own acts or omissions either willful or negligent
Skipper and Hostess duties are not to be confused with those of a “guide” or local “host” but they should both respond to the best of their knowledge to any Charterer’s request for tourist information and share all knowledge they happen to have (such as interesting anchorages, sights and spots, museums, restaurants, nightlife, attractions, water sport centers etc.).
Skipper shall consult with Charterer for the desired sailing itinerary and will always make best effort to satisfy the Charterer’s leisure requirements but does not warrant feasibility of itinerary for all cruises and passages within the cruising area. Safety and comfort of all
persons aboard sh all be of primary concern and Skipper will at all times ascertain the nautical skills, physical condition and capability of all persons aboard together with the prevailing  and forecasted sea and weather conditions so as to decide on itinerary and on
whether to spend any night at anchor in bay or berthed at port. Skipper is however bound to provide Charterer with reasonable evidence and explanation of his decisions, then mutually agree on an alternative plan with Charterer.
• The Skipper should never leave the yacht unattended and should stay alert during day and night to ensure the safety of all crew and material into account. Skipper shall never enter and leave ports under sail but exclusively motoring, however he shall use the sails of the yacht as much as possible unless the Charterer wishes to motor or wind conditions do not allow sailing at all.
• At a suitable moment, once the Charterer and his party have joined the yacht, the Skipper should deliver a short briefing, in which he explains the basic safety procedures and other issues of concern. These may include, but are not limited to use, ofher yacht and equipment, general safety and security onboard, emergency equipmentand procedures, the use of water sports equipment, smoking, drugs prohibition, children safety and supervision, proper conduct when in port. This should also include details of any local laws/
restrictions as necessary.

Cook’s responsibilities
She prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner on daily basis and she is also responsible to keep clean the common areas of the yacht.

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